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PHP Library Collection

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A collection of usefull PHP-Libraries for web-development<br /> For detailed description see the in each libraries folder. A brief summary of all classes and methods is given below.

Every library is available for procedural programming style and object oriented programming style (object oriented is recommended)

Current libraries:

  • MySQL.lib
  • Pager.lib
  • Page.lib
  • Upload.lib
  • Setting.lib


A lightweight MySQL library with all necessary methods for regular use.

  • NonQuery<br /> Execute a SQL-Operation like INSERT, UPDATE, ALTER, ...<br />

    void MySQL::NonQuery(string $sqlStatement [, string $paramTypes, mixed &$parameters...])
  • Scalar<br /> Get 1 value using a SELECT statement<br />

    string MySQL::Scalar(string $sqlStatement [, string $paramTypes, mixed &$parameters...])
  • Count<br /> Count rows of a table using a SELECT statement<br />

    int MySQL::Count(string $sqlStatement [, string $paramTypes, mixed &$parameters...])
  • Exist<br /> Checks if a SQL-entry exists using a SELECT statement<br />

    bool MySQL::Exist(string $sqlStatement [, string $paramTypes, mixed &$parameters...])
  • Row<br /> Get a single row of the table using a SELECT statement<br />

    string[] MySQL::Row(string $sqlStatement [, string $paramTypes, mixed &$parameters...])
  • Cluster<br /> Get multiple rows of the table using a SELECT statement<br />

    string[][] MySQL::Cluster(string $sqlStatement [, string $paramTypes, mixed &$parameters...])
  • Save<br /> Saves the database to a .sql file<br />

    void MySQL::Save(string $backupName)
  • PeriodicSave<br /> Regularly saves the database in a specified period<br />

    void MySQL::PeriodicSave([string $backupPeriod = "d"])

For more details see the in the library folder


A small PHP-class that adds a variety of pagers for SQL and Non-SQL lists

  • SQLAuto<br /> Create a pager with a given SELECT statement<br />

    string $pager->SQLAuto(string $sqlStatement [, string $paramTypes, mixed &$parameters...])
  • Manual<br /> Create a manual pager<br />

    string $pager->Manual([string $link...])
  • SetPagerSize<br /> Set Shown entries per page<br />

    void $pager->SetPagerSize(int $pagerSize)
  • SetOffset<br /> Manually set the current page of the pager<br />

    void $pager->SetOffset(int $pagerOffset)
  • SetCustomURL<br /> Set a custom redirect-URL for the pager<br />

    void $pager->SetCustomURL(string $customURL)
  • GetPagerSize<br /> Get the amount of shown elements per page<br />

    int $pager->GetPagerSize()
  • GetOffset<br /> Get the current page of the pager<br />

    int $pager->GetOffset()

For more details see the in the library folder


A lightweight PHP-class which adds several usefull Methods to PHP

  • This<br /> Returns the pages URL and modifies it with given parameters<br />

    string Page::This([string $urlModifier])
  • Redirect<br /> Redirects to the provided URL<br />

    void Page::Redirect(string $redirectURL [, int $redirectDelay])

For more details see the in the library folder


A simple and reliable PHP-class for Uploading files to the server

  • SetFileElement<br /> Set PHP-Form file-selector name<br />

    void $uploader->SetFileElement(string $phpFileElementName)
  • SetPath<br /> Set target upload path<br />

    void $uploader->SetPath(string $targetUploadPath)
  • SetName<br /> Set custom filename for uploaded file<br />

    void $uploader->SetName(string $customFileName)
  • SetSQLEntry<br /> Set MySQL-Entry to insert filename or extension into database<br />

    void $uploader->SetSQLEntry(string $sqlStatement)
  • SetFileTypes<br /> Define allowed filetypes. Default: all filetypes<br />

    void $uploader->SetFileTypes([string $allowedFileTypeExtension...])
  • SetMaxFileSize<br /> Set maximum filesize of file to be uploaded<br />

    void $uploader->SetMaxFileSize(string $maxFileSize)
  • SetTargetAspectRatio<br /> Resize image to the defined Aspect Ratio<br />

    void $uploader->SetTargetAspectRatio(string $aspectRatio)
  • SetTargetResolution<br /> Set maximum filesize and scale down image without changing aspect ratio<br />

    void $uploader->SetTargetResolution(int $maxImageWidth, int $maxImageHeight)
  • SetScaleFactor<br /> Set scale factor for uploaded image<br />

    void $uploader->SetScaleFactor(int $scaleFactor)
  • OverrideDuplicates<br /> Define if files with the same fileame should be overwritten or not<br />

    void $uploader->OverrideDuplicates(bool $overrideDuplicates)
  • Upload<br /> Uploads the file to the server<br />

    void $uploader->Upload()

For more details see the in the library folder


A small PHP-class to save and load Settings stored in a MySQL-Database

  • Set<br /> Sets a setting with maching keyword to given value<br />

    void Setting::Set(string $settingKeyword , string $settingValue)
  • Get<br /> Returns setting's value with maching keyword<br />

    mixed Setting::Get(string $settingKeyword)
  • Increment<br /> Increments a settings value and returns the new value<br />

    int Setting::Increment(string $settingKeyword[, int $resetLimit])
  • Decrement<br /> Decrements a settings value and returns the new value<br />

    mixed Decrement::Get(string $settingKeyword)

For more details see the in the library folder

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